Your Hail Repair Specialists

Representing Dent Zone’s Catastrophic Division, PDR LINX, addresses specific needs resulting from hail events through its network of Nationwide Certified Repair Centers and Certified Fulfillment Technicians. Our highly skilled technicians specialize in using unique tools that flex and mold a vehicle’s metal panels back to original, like-new condition without the need for sanding, painting, or body fillers. In most cases, the PDR LINX Hail Repair Process can be completed within one to two days.


PDR LINX receives claims from a variety of businesses including insurance companies, automotive dealers, fleet and rental car companies, and collision repair centers. These claims are then dispatched to our extensive network of Certified Repair Centers or Certified Fulfillment Technicians across the nation.


The PDR LINX Hail Repair Process will help minimize vehicle depreciation. Our customers enjoy not only quality service, but the peace of mind that comes from having superior coverage for their investment with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.